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Homeland Security & Public Safety

Our Partners

In the Public Safety arena, Verint partners are highly knowledgeable about the challenges our customers face and the pertinent regulations and requirements for the geographic regions that they serve.

Trained in virtually every facet of Verint Workforce Optimization for Public Safety deployment and operation, our partners deliver solutions that are optimized for rapid implementation, excellent performance, and superior return on investment. Plus, they provide our customers with a local source of service and support, fully backed by the Verint Technical Support Team, which provides our partners with live technical support, Web-based resources, and a host of other services. Find a Partner here

Becoming a Partner

We have established sound working relationships with channel partners and system integrators around the globe with solid reputations for delivering superior solutions and outstanding support. We also maintain relationships with leaders in complementary hardware and software technologies, so that we can provide our customers with more comprehensive solutions and more fully address their changing needs.

At Verint, we are dedicated to providing our customers and partners with the solutions and services they need to achieve their objectives and sustain their success. Read more.